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  • Free Hearing Screening to detect any hearing problems.
  • Hearing and Speech understanding assessments.
  • Tinnitus discussion and management.
  • Work related Hearing assessments.
  • Clear explanations and hearing loss discussion.
  • Advice on most appropriate hearing devices or assistive listening devices.
  • Fitting of hearing aids or assistive listening devices.
  • Customised ear plugs.

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Customed Hearing Solutions

Your Hearing Experience

Have you had a hearing test in the last 12 months?
Do others repeat themselves when in conversation with you?
Do you often ask for repeats in conversation?
Do you think others are mumbling in conversation?
Do you find background noise strongly affects speech understanding?
Do you need to turn the TV or radio up to unacceptable levels?



No medical referral is required for a hearing test. Pensioners and veterans will receive a voucher from the Hearing Services Program for a full hearing assessment and subsidised hearing devices.

Hearing loss explained

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Hearing loss is part of the natural ageing process. It should be understood that it is a loss, and no hearing aids will restore our hearing to the pre-damaged state.

It should be understood that it is a loss, and no hearing aids will restore our hearing to the pre-damaged state. The brain takes on the processing of information and relies on the sense of hearing for understanding.

Our brains are very adaptive and will use other cues and read faces to make sense of conversation. But remember the ear is like a microphone to the brain. There is a point that we are just not getting enough sound stimulation and the brain cannot compensate. When we struggle to hear we get tired and frustrated.

Typically, the high frequency sounds are lost in aging, so our consonants are lost and the lower frequency vowel sounds are heard. This can often be expressed as 'every one mumbles' or 'if only people would speak clearly'. Many will have little difficulty in ideal listening situations, but our social world is demanding and noisy and the consequences of hearing loss is increasing social isolation.

Hearing loss can be a silent progression that, will ultimately affect your quality of life and people closest to you.

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