Hearing Aid Styles

We stock a range of hearing aids from multiple suppliers, allowing us to bring you the latest in hearing aid technology at competitive prices.


Sonic hearing aids change the way people experience life. Each individual requires a different mix of technologies, features, and aesthetics to ensure optimal hearing solutions.By providing a range of devices and technology levels, Sonic has a hearing aid to meet your requirements.


With top rated sound quality and innovative designs, ReSound can enhance your hearing experience and help you stay connected.Their full ‘family’ of products and high quality sound will ensure there is an aid for you.

Widex offers a range of hearing aids and assistive devices to give you true life sound.Their range, including the Dream Series, Clear Series and Menu Series has an aid to suit all types of hearing needs and styles.Click here to read more  about the functionality of each series.


 Batteries and Accessories

We stock hearing aid batteries, cleaning kits and a range of accessories.