Widex Hearing Aids


Widex Dream Series

The Dream family of hearing aids is the latest in hearing technology providing true to life sound. Dream hearing aids preserve the human voice and allow more sound in than any other hearing aid so you can hear more details of the world around you, even in noisy environments such as parties, concerts, sporting events or at the cinema.
Dream is available in a range of styles and colours, including discreet complete in canal hearing aids and the popular behind the ear hearing aids.
Dream hearing aids also provide you you with your own personal smart-site at my.widex.com.au to give you advice on your aids.

Widex Clear Series

The Clear family of hearing aids provides users with a natural sound experience. By communicating with each other wirelessly, Clear hearing aids work together, just as our ears do, by adjusting sounds from different environments and allowing the user to focus on sounds from different directions without turning your head.
The Clear family comes in a range of hearing aid styles including the new Fusion, a small behind the ear hearing aid complete with a receiver in the ear and a range of great features, including allowing users to hear telephone conversations in both ears while wearing two aids, and reducing wind noise significantly with its nano-coated microphone.

Widex Menu Series

With the Menu series you can choose exactly the features you need without paying for extras you don’t need. The basic Menu option gives you great sound for easy listening and comes with state-of-the-art technology to minimise whistling. Menu can adapt to your changing listening situations – something that is usually found only in the more expensive hearing aids. If you want more features, such as our unique tinnitus program or our technology for better speech intelligibility in noise, they can be easily added.

DEX Assistive Listening Devices

Dream and Clear hearing aids are compatible with the DEX range of assistive listening devices. DEX remote control devices link your television, mobile phone or other audio devices to stream directly to Clear hearing aids. TV-DEX and M-DEX remotes enables users to switch off surrounding sound and focus listening 100% on the audio device they are connected to.