Audiology Services

What Fleurieu Hearing Offers:

  • Hearing assessments on all aspects of hearing loss with clear explanations.
  • Treatment for tinnitus.
  • Affordable solutions to your hearing and health care needs.
  • Prescriptions for a wide range of hearing aids or assistive listening devices to suit your specific needs.
  • Ear protection through customised ear plugs that attenuate sounds to a safe level.
  • Swimming ear plugs.
  • Vocational and workcover hearing consults.
  • Pilot and civil aviation testing.


  • No medical referral is required for an initial screening hearing test.
  • Pensioners and veterans will require a voucher from the Office of Hearing Services for a full hearing assessment.
  • Following the assessment of your hearing status a report will be sent to your GP

The Procedure for the Appointments:

  • No medical referral is required for a hearing screening. This initial appointment will be an introduction to discuss your hearing concerns and establish whether you have a hearing loss.
  • A medical application through your GP allows pensioners and veterans to receive a voucher from the Office of Hearing Services (OHS) that will fully subsidize hearing assessments and the cost of hearing aids. The opportunity exists for a gap payment that will provide you with advanced technological features in hearing aids.
  • Following your test, your results will be discussed, and any questions you have will be answered. A report of your hearing status will be sent to your GP.
  • You will have an understanding of your hearing and may or may not proceed to hearing aids.

Hearing Testing:

  • A full hearing assessment will take approximately one hour.
  • Your hearing assessment will include history taking of your hearing experiences and concerns, an examination of both ear canals with an otoscope which will be completely painless.
  • The audiological testing will involve listening to a series of tones at different pitches and volumes to assess your hearing levels. A word test will give a deeper understanding of your ability to discriminate speech sounds. A pressure test to help determine the health of the middle ear may be advised depending on the results of your hearing test.
  • our hearing requirements and goals will be established.
  • Your hearing aid will be chosen in consultation with you and your preferences.
  • The hearing aid will be fitted at your next appointment, which is usually within the week.

Fitting your hearing device:

  • A full hearing fitting will take approximately one hour.
  • Measurements are taken of the natural ear canal resonance in the unaided ear.
  • The audiogram and the hearing aid software will determine a target for prescribed gain needed. This gain can be adjusted across the full frequency range to give a preferred and comfortable listening experience.
  • It is important your hearing aid will be suitable for your lifestyle demands as these vary greatly between people.
  • Initially it is advised to acclimatise to hearing aids with usage of about 5 hours a day.

Follow up and Review:

  • Within two weeks a follow up appointment will be made to ensure you are pleased with the outcome.
  • Some adjustments are likely as everyone’s listening environment is different.
  • A 30 day satisfaction period applies to all hearing aid purchases.
  • I encourage everyone with hearing aids to keep in touch with any concerns at any time, as adjusting aids is important for complete satisfaction.

Maintenance and Batteries:

Although hearing aids are very durable, wear and tear will add up. Hearing aids purchased from Fleurieu Hearing will be checked free of charge.

Maintenance, cleaning and minor repairs will be done free of charge. If a major repair is necessary while the hearing aid is under the manufacturer’s warranty it will be sent to the manufacturer and a loan aid will be provided.

Fleurieu Hearing will also check your hearing levels annually so we can adjust the hearing aid for optimal performance. We do encourage you to contact us at any time between visits. We are here to help.

Fleurieu Hearing sells batteries at $5.00 a packet or $50 for a box of 60. A box will be supplied at your fitting that will last for several months.